Lancaster University, Lancaster, England
MSc Cyber Security
Thesis: Evaluating the security strength of Bitcoin brain wallets

Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
2:1 in BSc Computer Science
Dissertation: Creating an online booking system with integrated airport transfer system. Can be seen at

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, Loughborough, England
4 AS Levels: Mathematics, Physics, Sport & PE, Business Studies [C]
3 A Levels: Mathematics [C], Physics[D], Sport & PE[B]

Brunts, Mansfield, England
GCSEs: Business Studies [A*], Physical Education [A*], ICT [A], French [B], Mathematics [A], Statistics [B], English [A], English Literature [B], RE [C] BCS Level 1 Award in IT User Skills



April 2017 - July 2017
Sales Consultant at Make It Cheaper Australia
Cold Calls
  • Calling business’ and gaining their interest in performing a free electricity comparison review.
  • Attaining specific details from the authorized person regarding the business’ specific meter and transfer them through to do the review.
  • Meeting the criteria of quality assurance, be professional and to be compliant.
Warmer Campaign
  • Calling customers who have previously used the service to review their electricity contracts which could even be only as recent as 5 years ago. These customers also at the time were not interested in changing their current plan.
  • To interest the customers once again to perform a review by building rapport, using factual evidence and other salesman skills.
  • Within the first 2 weeks of working at MIC I hit 126% of my targets both weeks and got promoted then within 7 weeks I hit my target 4 weeks in a row and got promoted for a second time.
  • Working at MIC for a total of 81 days I quickly advanced through the ranks, getting promoted 3 times

March 2017 - April 2017
Sales Representative at United Cellars
  • Learn the different varietals of wines, regions, flavours and process of wine making
  • Learn how to operate the sales and dialing system
  • Taste, evaluate and develop a palate for different types of wines
  • Evaluate a customer’s profile within 60 seconds and then attempt to build rapport, pitch and sell from a cold call
  • With no previous wine knowledge and only 1 week of training consisting of call listening and observing I was fully competent in operating the system and started selling an average of $2,000 worth of wine each day.
  • Being one of three new starters, we collectively sold 30% more revenue than three previous other whom had 4+ years each of sales experience

November 2016 - March 2017
Sales Consultant at Red Energy
  • Hit weekly sales targets by convincing people to change over to our electricity retailer
  • Adhere to Sales Assured Door to Door Sales standards
  • Represent the company in a positive manner day to day
  • I achieved Top Seller in the whole of NSW one week with no previous sales experience

May 2016 - August 2016
Self-Employed - Game Server Owner and Developer
I was the Owner and Project manager to the development and success of a Garry's mod server. I personally developed new features so that players would enjoy the gameplay, taking their ideas and suggestions into account. I had to teach myself Lua Script in order to do this however it was very fun and I loved taking on the challenge. The server ran with a maximum player slot of 62 which it hit capacity daily and generated a gross profit of over $1,500.
  • Learn 'Lua' coding language to make functionality and game features for the game server
  • Develop weekly updates based on the players requests
  • Administrate a team of staff members who keep order and resolve conflict on the server and in the online community
I developed an online forum using SMF CMF where players could communicate ideas and post on the forum.

Summer 2015
Volunteer for Festaff,Oxfam and Direct Application
V Festival, Glass Butter Beach, Boardmasters, Creamfields, EDC.
I volunteered at all these festivals and participated in hospitality roles in order to develop my interpersonal skills, having to constantly assist and talk to new people. I feel this was a great thing to do as it really boosted my confidence and social skills when meeting new people or encountering unexpected situations and having to deal with new problems.
  • To work on the gate scanning tickets
  • Distribute wristbands
  • Help and assist festival goers
  • Help set up the festival arena

August 2014
Sailing in the Mediterranean (Barcelona to Alicante) – JSASTC Expedition
A sailing expedition with the Joint Services Training Charter
  • Manning the helm of the yacht
  • ‘Night stag’
  • Assisting plotting course
  • Manning the deck
  • Competent Crew member qualification

June 2014 - August 2014
Self-Employed - Online eCommerce Service
Back in the early years I came up with this idea and revolutionized the boosting service industry. At this time it was still a niche market however today it is a massive industry where customers are paying hundreds, even thousands just for that extra boost in game. I created a online shop where players could purchase a service securely and safely and also chat with customer support online. This hobby generated over $2,000.
  • To develop a website where customers could place orders
  • Evaluate the pro's and cons of various CMS' and implement the most viable
  • Integrate 'WooCommerce' eCommerce system into Wordpress
  • Administer and modify Wordpress CMS
  • Modify and develop the Wordpress Design and Theme
  • Implement an online support functionality
  • Manage and run the business, operating around 10-15 staff processing customer orders

Summer 2013
Volunteer for Orange Festival Foods – Latitude Festival
  • Serve meals to customers
  • Work on the tills collecting meal payments
  • Pick up litter around the dining areas
  • Greet and help customers

Summer 2010
Tamworth Snowdome Ski/Snowboard hire – Part-time Work Experience
  • Completing tasks for the manager
  • Allocating snowboards/ski’s/boots to customers
  • Check toboggans regularly
  • Pick up litter outside of the centre every morning
  • Greet and help customers
  • Clear ice off the top of the snow

Summer 2008
Paper round - Newsagents
A weekly paperound delivering newspapers around the local area


  • Life Saving – Bronze medallion
  • Gold Swimming Award
  • RYA Sailing Level 3
  • Rother valley triathlon
  • School councillor
  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh
  • Silver Duke of Edinburgh
  • Mansfield Volunteer scheme
  • Mansfield Civic Centre Presentation
  • Paras 10
  • Army 300 club member
  • Army Physical Training Instructor
  • Welbeck Diploma
  • Welbeck Lead Volunteer of the PeaceGarden


  • Rugby – 6 years
  • Kick boxing
  • Bisley Shooting Competition
  • Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Explorers
  • Skiing
  • Web design
  • Coding
  • Bodybuilding
  • Health & Fitness
  • Cross Country – Represented Welbeck at Sandhurst X-Country Army Finals
  • Sailing

Computer Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Lua Script
  • Python (>2 years)
  • Blockchain Development (>1 year)
  • C#, C++ (>1 year)
  • Android App Development (>1 year)
  • Java (>1 year)
  • Microsoft Excel/Powerpoint/Word
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (>1 year)


  1. Lt Kristopher Storey – HMS Calliope, S Shore Rd, Gateshead NE8 2BE