Lancaster University, Lancaster, England
MSc Cyber Security
Thesis: Evaluating the security strength of Bitcoin brain wallets
LL.M5230: Introduction to Law MERIT
PPR.432: Security and Conflict in the Digital Age DISTINCTION
SCC.439: Network and Systems Security DISTINCTION
SCC.441: Information System Security Management DISTINCTION
SCC.442: Information System Penetration and Countermeasures DISTINCTION
SCC.443: Information System Forensic Investigation DISTINCTION
SCC.444: Information System Risk Management MERIT
SOCL491: Cybercrime - MERIT MERIT
Luke Williams MSc Graduation

Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
2:1 in BSc Computer Science
Dissertation: Creating an online booking system with integrated airport transfer system. Can be seen at

Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College, Loughborough, England
4 AS Levels: Mathematics, Physics, Sport & PE, Business Studies [C]
3 A Levels: Mathematics [C], Physics[D], Sport & PE[B]

Brunts, Mansfield, England
GCSEs: Business Studies [A*], Physical Education [A*], ICT [A], French [B], Mathematics [A], Statistics [B], English [A], English Literature [B], RE [C] BCS Level 1 Award in IT User Skills



August 2018 - Current
Lead IT Security Consultant at Overton Electrical Services Ltd
  • Provide security consultation to IT and the business. Furthermore, manage security events and incidents via all intake mechanisms.
  • Comprehensively test the Infrastructure, highlighting any potential vulnerabilities, present them verbally and in a written report directly to the Managing Director.
  • Remediate security control gaps.
  • Evaluating the all-round organisation to improve security, efficiency and reduce operation cost wherever possible.
  • Through the proposal of an improved infrastructure and integrated software designed by myself, various security controls and compliance issues were able to be met whilst improving employee interaction and working efficiency. Additionally, as a result, a combined saving of over £2,000 per annum.
April 2017 - July 2017
Sales Consultant at Make It Cheaper Australia
Cold Calls
  • Calling business’ and gaining their interest in performing a free electricity comparison review.
  • Attaining specific details from the authorized person regarding the business’ specific meter and transfer them through to do the review.
  • Meeting the criteria of quality assurance, be professional and to be compliant.
Warmer Campaign
  • Calling customers who have previously used the service to review their electricity contracts which could even be only as recent as 5 years ago. These customers also at the time were not interested in changing their current plan.
  • To interest the customers once again to perform a review by building rapport, using factual evidence and other salesman skills.
  • Within the first 2 weeks of working at MIC I hit 126% of my targets both weeks and got promoted then within 7 weeks I hit my target 4 weeks in a row and got promoted for a second time.
  • Working at MIC for a total of 81 days I quickly advanced through the ranks, getting promoted 3 times

March 2017 - April 2017
Sales Representative at United Cellars
  • Learn the different varietals of wines, regions, flavours and process of wine making
  • Learn how to operate the sales and dialing system
  • Taste, evaluate and develop a palate for different types of wines
  • Evaluate a customer’s profile within 60 seconds and then attempt to build rapport, pitch and sell from a cold call
  • With no previous wine knowledge and only 1 week of training consisting of call listening and observing I was fully competent in operating the system and started selling an average of $2,000 worth of wine each day.
  • Being one of three new starters, we collectively sold 30% more revenue than three previous other whom had 4+ years each of sales experience

November 2016 - March 2017
Sales Consultant at Red Energy
  • Hit weekly sales targets by convincing people to change over to our electricity retailer
  • Adhere to Sales Assured Door to Door Sales standards
  • Represent the company in a positive manner day to day
  • I achieved Top Seller in the whole of NSW one week with no previous sales experience

May 2016 - August 2016
Self-Employed - Game Server Owner and Developer
I was the Owner and Project manager to the development and success of a Garry's mod server. I personally developed new features so that players would enjoy the gameplay, taking their ideas and suggestions into account. I had to teach myself Lua Script in order to do this however it was very fun and I loved taking on the challenge. The server ran with a maximum player slot of 62 which it hit capacity daily and generated a gross profit of over $1,500.
  • Learn 'Lua' coding language to make functionality and game features for the game server
  • Develop weekly updates based on the players requests
  • Administrate a team of staff members who keep order and resolve conflict on the server and in the online community
I developed an online forum using SMF CMF where players could communicate ideas and post on the forum.

Summer 2015
Volunteer for Festaff,Oxfam and Direct Application
V Festival, Glass Butter Beach, Boardmasters, Creamfields, EDC.
I volunteered at all these festivals and participated in hospitality roles in order to develop my interpersonal skills, having to constantly assist and talk to new people. I feel this was a great thing to do as it really boosted my confidence and social skills when meeting new people or encountering unexpected situations and having to deal with new problems.
  • To work on the gate scanning tickets
  • Distribute wristbands
  • Help and assist festival goers
  • Help set up the festival arena

August 2014
Sailing in the Mediterranean (Barcelona to Alicante) – JSASTC Expedition
A sailing expedition with the Joint Services Training Charter
  • Manning the helm of the yacht
  • ‘Night stag’
  • Assisting plotting course
  • Manning the deck
  • Competent Crew member qualification

June 2014 - August 2014
Self-Employed - Online eCommerce Service
Back in the early years I came up with this idea and revolutionized the boosting service industry. At this time it was still a niche market however today it is a massive industry where customers are paying hundreds, even thousands just for that extra boost in game. I created a online shop where players could purchase a service securely and safely and also chat with customer support online. This hobby generated over $2,000.
  • To develop a website where customers could place orders
  • Evaluate the pro's and cons of various CMS' and implement the most viable
  • Integrate 'WooCommerce' eCommerce system into Wordpress
  • Administer and modify Wordpress CMS
  • Modify and develop the Wordpress Design and Theme
  • Implement an online support functionality
  • Manage and run the business, operating around 10-15 staff processing customer orders

Summer 2013
Volunteer for Orange Festival Foods – Latitude Festival
  • Serve meals to customers
  • Work on the tills collecting meal payments
  • Pick up litter around the dining areas
  • Greet and help customers

Summer 2010
Tamworth Snowdome Ski/Snowboard hire – Part-time Work Experience
  • Completing tasks for the manager
  • Allocating snowboards/ski’s/boots to customers
  • Check toboggans regularly
  • Pick up litter outside of the centre every morning
  • Greet and help customers
  • Clear ice off the top of the snow

Summer 2008
Paper round - Newsagents
A weekly paperound delivering newspapers around the local area


  • Life Saving – Bronze medallion
  • Gold Swimming Award
  • RYA Sailing Level 3
  • Rother valley triathlon
  • School councillor
  • Bronze Duke of Edinburgh
  • Silver Duke of Edinburgh
  • Mansfield Volunteer scheme
  • Mansfield Civic Centre Presentation
  • Paras 10
  • Army 300 club member
  • Army Physical Training Instructor
  • Welbeck Diploma
  • Welbeck Lead Volunteer of the PeaceGarden


  • Rugby – 6 years
  • Kick boxing
  • Bisley Shooting Competition
  • Beavers/Cubs/Scouts/Explorers
  • Skiing
  • Web design
  • Coding
  • Bodybuilding
  • Health & Fitness
  • Cross Country – Represented Welbeck at Sandhurst X-Country Army Finals
  • Sailing

Computer Skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Lua Script
  • Python (>2 years)
  • Blockchain Development (>1 year)
  • C#, C++ (>1 year)
  • Android App Development (>1 year)
  • Java (>1 year)
  • Microsoft Excel/Powerpoint/Word
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (>1 year)


  1. Lt Kristopher Storey – HMS Calliope, S Shore Rd, Gateshead NE8 2BE